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At Man Dental, we offer a variety of treatments to help you get a better, healthier smile. One of the most common treatments we use to restore teeth are dental fillings. Fillings use a biocompatible material to “fill in” lost or damaged tissue. When a dentist removes a cavity, or small amounts of decayed dental tissue, they will often use dental fillings to restore the structure of the tooth. Our dental fillings in Chino Hills, California, can also blend in naturally with your smile. By using a composite material, patients have an alternative to traditional metal fillings.

Come in for an appointment with Man Dental, and our dentist can complete your filling restoration in just one visit! During the filling treatment, Dr. Leo Man will remove any damaged or infected tissue and thoroughly clean the site. Once this is finished, our dentist will apply the filling material to the tooth, molding it to the correct shape. The filling is finally hardened and set to create a strong, durable restoration.

To schedule a dental filling in Chino Hills, California, call our practice at 909-590-2229. We also invite you to keep up with your regular cleanings and exams. During these appointments, our dentist can identify small cavities before they develop into worse forms of tooth decay.

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