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Dental implants are a dental procedure that provides long-lasting restoration for patients. Whether your teeth have been lost because of an injury or removed because of severe tooth decay, implants can complete your smile. This procedure can replace a single tooth or multiple missing teeth, and is often used as an alternative to dentures.

In order to create a durable restoration, Dr. Leo Man first places an implant post into the jawbone at the site of the missing tooth or teeth. The post is made of a strong, biocompatible material that will eventually bond with the bone’s tissue. This forms the “root” of the restoration and provides a foundation for the rest of the implant. Once the post is placed, the site is allowed to heal before moving on to the next step. Recovery time will vary from patient to patient, but our dentist can arrange for patients to have temporary restoration while they wait for the site to heal.

After the site has healed appropriately, Man Dental will arrange a follow-up appointment. During this visit, our dentist will finish the implant procedure with a restoration. During this final step, our dentist will anchor a dental prosthetic (such as a dental crown or bridge) to the surgical post. This restoration will be fitted to your unique smile so it can look and feel natural and comfortable. In some cases, our practice may also arrange for immediate implant placement. If you have any difficult with the restoration, please get in contact with our practice.

Dental implants are great replacements for a single or multiple missing teeth. With implants, our dentist can even replace an entire dental arch. Unlike dentures, implants function almost exactly like your natural teeth. There is no need for regular refitting or realignment. Also, they are able to keep the underlying jawbone from disintegrating. With other restorations, they often don’t provide the stimulation needed to keep the bone healthy and the body can start to reabsorb the tissue.

To find out more about restoration using dental implants in Chino Hills, California, we invite you to contact our office at 909-590-2229.

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