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Are you suffering from a sore tooth? When damage occurs within the dental tissue, it can cause discomfort and erode away the undamaged portions of the teeth.
how root canals are treated
Root canals help repair damage to the inner structure of the tooth, also known as the dental pulp. When an accident or tooth decay damages the tooth pulp, immediate treatment is recommended. Without repair, the damage may spread and cause the death of the tooth. A root canal can clean and restore parts of the injured tooth. During an appointment, our dentist will administer an anesthetic to help make the patient as comfortable as possible. During the actual procedure, he will first remove damaged pieces of enamel, dentin or dental tissue, leaving the healthy tissue behind. Dr. Leo Man will then fill the tooth with a medicated material to protect the remaining dental tissue. The tooth will finally be capped with a dental restoration, often a dental crown, so the patient can chew and bite normally.

With any treatment at Man Dental, we want you to feel comfortable throughout your appointment. If you have a question about our root canals in Chino Hills, California, contact our office today! Our dental team is available to answer your questions. Simply reach out to us at 909-590-2229.

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