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Dental crowns and bridges are a common and effective way for Dr. Leo Man to repair smiles. Both treatments can provide restoration for teeth that have suffered severe damage. Depending on which option works best for you, our dentist will cater a treatment plan to your needs.

Dental Crowns

Also known as dental caps, dental crowns repair damage too large to be repaired by a single filling. During treatment, the restoration site is cleaned, the damaged tissue is removed and the crown is fitted to the remaining tooth. This treatment allows our dentist to conserve as much healthy dental tissue as possible while still allowing the patient chew and bite normally. Our crowns are also made to blend in with the smile and look as natural as possible.

Dental Bridges

Dental bridges replace teeth that have been lost to decay or injury or have otherwise been removed. A dental bridge is an appliance that can contain one or more prosthetic teeth. These teeth are anchored in place by two caps that fit over neighboring teeth, “bridging” the open space. If needed, the bridge may attach to natural, existing teeth or to dental implants.

Both our dental crowns and bridges in Chino Hills, California, can restore damage to your teeth, allowing you to enjoy a natural-looking, beautiful smile. Call Man Dental at 909-590-2229 to schedule an appointment.

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