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Want to prevent tooth decay? Dr. Leo Man provides dental sealants to help prevent the buildup of bacteria and keep teeth and gums healthy. Sealants “seal” tooth enamel away from food debris and other potential sources of decay by covering the tooth with a resin. This resin is painted onto the surface of the enamel and is made of a clear or composite solution that blends in with the tooth. The sealant fills in small grooves that are difficult to clean with regular brushing. These pits can catch food debris and become a source of buildup and, eventually, cavities and tooth decay.

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While sealants are most often recommended for children, whose teeth are at a high risk for decay, we also offer sealants to patients of all ages. Whether you suffer from cavities at 6 or 60, Man Dental can help protect your teeth. If you are bringing in your child, we most often recommend sealants after the adult molars have appeared and up to age 12. Adult patients may also benefit from dental sealants if they suffer from constant or chronic tooth decay. An appointment for our dental sealants in Chino Hills, California, can be completed quickly and with little to no discomfort. Call 909-590-2229 to schedule a sealant appointment with our dentist today!

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