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Wisdom teeth are the third molars of the dental arch. They are usually the final teeth to appear, and because of this, there is often not enough room for them to come in properly. In order to prevent the teeth from becoming impacted, or “stuck” inside of the gums, our dentist may recommend a wisdom teeth removal.

Dental professionals often recommend wisdom teeth extraction if your teeth are in danger of the following:

  •  Impaction, or not erupting through the gums properly
  •  Misalignment, especially after orthodontic treatment Cavities or more severe forms of tooth decay
  • Damaging the structure of surrounding teeth
  • Damaging the structure of boney tissue, such as the jawbone
  • Risk of infection in the gums and soft tissue
  • Inflammation of the gums or soft tissue
  • Cyst formation, or the appearance of sores within the mouth

Dr. Leo Man will want to help you treat and avoid these symptoms by removing their source. Because wisdom teeth are usually not necessary for a healthy bite, our dentist can remove them without risking misalignment. Come in for an appointment, and our dentist will plan your wisdom teeth extraction in Chino Hills, California. We are happy to provide you with a comprehensive view of your procedure. Call 909-590-2229 to schedule a consultation with Man Dental today!

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