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Women in pain holding her mouthA pulp capping treatment may be recommended for either children or adults and is frequently recommended in order to avoid a root canal. This is an endodontic treatment, allowing our dentist, Dr. Leo Man , to treat the inner pulp of the tooth. This inner structure is made up of nerves, blood vessels and soft tissue which can become infected or damaged and lead to the death of the tooth. Root canal treatments prevent tooth loss caused by damaged pulp, however a pulp cap can also serve to protect the tooth.

There are two main types of pulp caps: indirect pulp caps and direct pulp caps. Indirect caps are usually used on children, protecting baby (primary) teeth or the new, adult (permanent) teeth. They cover and isolate damaged dentin (the hard structure of the tooth) from bacteria.

Direct pulp caps are usually used on adult teeth. When removal of infected dentin exposes the pulp, but the pulp tissue is still healthy, our dentist can fill the damaged area and seal it from bacteria. A direct pulp may be used on a baby, or primary, tooth if it has not been damaged by decay but by physical accident. (If a primary tooth has been exposed to decay, a pulpotomy or a “baby tooth root canal,” may be recommended.)

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