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For more serious procedures, it is often necessary to use a form of sedation. In addition to a local anesthetic, which numbs the site from pain, Dr. Leo Man may also use sedation during your appointment. Sedation at Man Dental allows the patient to feel relaxed during their procedure, minimizing discomfort and allowing our dentist to work more easily. IV sedation is generally used with more invasive procedures, such as oral surgery. Before the procedure starts, the sedation solution is injected into the patient and allowed to work its way through the bloodstream. After it is administered, our dentist can quickly and safely finish the procedure without jeopardizing the patient’s comfort.

If you receive IV sedation in Chino Hills, California, during your visit, there will be some lingering effects. Patients will need to arrange a ride home from the office and may also need to have a person monitor them for a few hours after their appointment. Our dentist will be able to outline your full post-treatment instructions.

If you have concerns about IV sedation or would like to know your options for sedation dentistry in Chino Hills, California, call 909-590-2229 or come in and meet with us today. Our dentist can go over and plan your procedure with you so that you can feel confident in your care.

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