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As one of our cosmetic services, dental veneers can help improve the look of your smile easily and effectively. Veneers are made to fit over the teeth, correcting minor imperfections. Our dentist, Dr. Leo Man , may recommend veneers if you have:
• Large gaps in your smile
• Slight misalignment
• Small chips or cracks in your enamel
• Discolored or yellowed teeth
• Misshapen or otherwise irregular teeth

Veneers are made of a biocompatible resin or porcelain molded into a shell. This shell fits over the tooth, covering any imperfections in the structure. The material can also be matched to the exact shade of the surrounding teeth, so the veneer can blend in with your smile. The material also resists staining, allowing the restoration to last for years. Each veneer is fitted to blend in smoothly with the rest of the tooth so the smile can look completely natural.

Veneers are a conservative, cost-effective way to improve your smile. For more information on dental veneers in Chino Hills, California, contact our practice today. You can reach us at 909-590-2229, or feel free to stop by our office location. Our qualified dental team can go over your options for dental veneers and other cosmetic treatments that are available at Man Dental.

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